Staff Team

Qualification and Position

Executive Head Teacher Mrs Ruth Holman
Deputy Head Teacher/SENCO Mrs Gill Learmond, BEd
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Helen Crisp BA (Hons) PGCE
Teacher Mrs Sarah Davies, BSc PGCE
Teacher Miss Beatriz Ripoll Cozens-Hardy
Teaching Assistant/Integrated Care Manager Miss Louise Bedford, NNEB NVQ4
Administrative Officer Mrs Sonia Swindells
Finance Assistant Ms Tracia Yeung
Teaching Assistant Mrs Ali Wesson, NNEB
Teaching Assistant Miss Debby O’Hare, NVQ3
Learning Support Assistant Ms Elizabeth Driver, NVQ2
Teaching Assistant Mrs Tracy Jolley, NVQ3
Teaching Assistant Miss Cathy Douglas, BA(Hons) PGCE
Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Assistant Mrs Joanna Jarosz-Wojcik
Speech & Language Therapist
Dr Nafsika Smith BA (Hons) MSc phD
Lunchtime Assistant Mrs Tahani Al Mardi
Lunchtime Assistant Miss Michelle Adams
Lunchtime Assistant/Teaching Assistant Mrs Sang Hee Kim
Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Halima Rima
Lunchtime Assistant Ms Sara Abdu
Lunchtime Assistant Mrs Noelin Mariyajude Jesukumar
Lunchtime & Afterschool Assistant Miss Shreeya Heejebu
Lunchtime & Afterschool Assistant Miss Didem Karosmanoglue
Afterschool Playworker Miss Vana Sekian



Co Chairs of Governors Ms Carolyn Purser

Ms Lisa Faulkner

All staff employed are DBS checked and references are taken up.