The School Day

September 2020

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we are currently grouping the children in bubbles.  This means that although the children have free access to the garden, within the building the different groups stay in one classroom.  Staff teams are working in specific classrooms.  Although this means that free flow within the building is restricted we have ensured that the children still have access to the full range of resources and experiences.

When the children start each session they hang up their coats and register with their key worker and can then choose where they want to play. The nursery operates a ‘free flow’ system with the children being encouraged to move purposefully and freely between three rooms and the outside area, where they select from carefully structured activities.

We provide a variety of learning opportunities throughout the nursery encompassing The Revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through first hand and direct experiences.

At the end of each session children help to tidy up and then join their small group for singing, finger rhymes, mathematical activities, letters and sounds, movement and story sessions.