Brunswick Mail – 25/9/20

Dear Parents/Carers

The first two points were in the last mail but we do need to remind parents/carers as this is not always happening.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Entering and Exiting the Nursery

Please can we ask that you do not hold the door open for others unless you know they come to the nursery as we need to be aware of who is coming in and out.

Please ensure you press the silver button to exit the nursery and not the emergency button as this leaves the door unlocked.

Inside Garden Gate

To keep our children safe can parents please ensure that the inside garden gate is locked at all times, both locks please. It is being left open at drop off and collection times and a child could slip out un-noticed by the parent.


Please can you provide your child with waterproofs and wellies for the garden for the water play and autumnal weather.  We can keep wellies here so you don’t have to bring them in every day. Please make sure all items are named.


Please check your child’s bag every evening for any wet or dirty clothes and replace with some clean ones.  We would advise two changes of clothes especially for children who attend all day.  Please make sure all items are named.

We ask that nothing else is put in the bags as we are keeping items in nursery to a minimum.  There is no requirement for water bottles, snacks, Calpol or toys as we are fully equipped.  Many thanks for your co-operation.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards


Sarah Honey

Administrative Assistant

Save the Date

(Please note: dates and times may be subject to change.  Newly added or altered dates will appear in red)

Please note that the Nursery is closed on Staff Training Days.                                                                                

Autumn Term 2020  Staff Training day – Thursday 3 September
Term Start date – (see individual sheet for your child’s start date)
Half Term Monday 26 October – Friday 30 October
Staff Training day – Monday 2 November
Autumn Term Closes Friday 18 December 2020
Spring Term 2021 Staff Training day Monday 4 January 2021
Term starts Tuesday 5 January
Half Term Monday 15 February – Friday 19 February
Spring Term Closes Friday 26 March 2021
Summer Term 2021 Staff Training day – Monday 12 April
  Term Starts Tuesday 13 April
May Day Bank Holiday  – Monday 3 May
Staff Training Day – Friday 28 May
Half Term Monday 31 May – Friday 4 June
Summer Term Closes Thursday 22 July 2021