Brunswick Mail 6/7/18

Dear Parents

End of Term Singing

You are invited to attend our end of term singing, please see each groups dates/times:

Beetles/Centipedes/Spiders                                      3.15pm, Friday 20 July 2018

Grasshoppers/ Bumblebees/Fireflies                     11.15am, Tuesday 24 July 2018

Dragonflies/Caterpillars                                                2.40pm, Tuesday 24 July 2018

Butterflies/Ladybirds                                                     3.15pm, Tuesday 24 July 2018

Integrated Care

The final invoices have been issued – thank you to all who have paid already!  Please remember that your account should be at zero balance by the end of term (24 July).  If you have any questions please speak to Joann.

The Friends of Brunswick

A big thank you to Lisa Charnley from Zone Outdoor Fitness ( Mum for running the Brunswick Heptathlon on Wednesday. The children all seemed to have a great time. Thank you also for all your support of the event. Please don’t forget to drop off any sponsorship money into the box by the office before Wednesday 11th if possible.

We have decided to arrange an end of year bring your own picnic on Sunday 22 July at Jesus Green from 12-2. Please make sure that you remain responsible for your own children/party at all times as we are not in a private setting. We will meet near the pirate park.

Recipe books will be available to collect from Monday. Please bring your money to the office. For those who missed the pre-order, we will sell them at pick up times throughout the week for £10 each.

For those of you who might be thinking of buying an end of year gift for the nursery when your child leaves this summer, we understand that there are a few items on a wish list which people could contribute towards should they choose to. If you are interested in this please contact me ( or speak to the office. These can be marked to show the name of the benefactor.

Save the Date

(Please note: dates and times may be subject to change.  Newly added or altered dates will appear in red)

 Summer Term           


Tues 3                                                  Fireflies Forest School

Weds 4                                                Brunswick Heptathlon

Thur 5                                                 Centipedes Forest School

Tue 10                                                Dragonflies Forest School        

Fri 20                                                   3.15pm Beetles/Centipedes singing

Tues 24                                                11.15am Grasshoppers/Bumblebees/Fireflies singing

Tues 24                                                2.40pm Dragonflies/Caterpillars singing

Tues 24                                                3.15pm Ladybirds/Butterflies singing                                                                         

Summer Term Closes                       Tuesday 24 July 2018 (no afterschool club on this day)